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Data Privacy Statement


Data Privacy Statement

We, CS-Sprachen, Claudia Stieneker, in our capacity as the operators of the Online Proposal, are the party responsible for processing of personal data of the Users of this Online Proposal.
You will find the contact data in the imprint of this Online Proposal. We take the protection of your private sphere and your private data very seriously. We register, store and use your personal data in accordance with the contents of this Data Privacy Statement and the applicable provisions of the data privacy law, in particular the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the national Data Protection Rules, exclusively.
With this Data Privacy Statement, we wish to inform you about the scope and purpose of personal data used in conjunction with the use of the Online Proposal.

Personal Data

Personal Data are information about an identified or identifiable physical person. They include all information about your identity such as your name, your E-Mail address or your postal address. In contrast, information that cannot be related to your identity (such as statistical information, e.g. the number of Users of the Online Proposal) shall not be deemed to be personal information.
As a general rule, you may use our Online Proposal without revealing your identity or giving any personal data. In that case, we only register general information about the visit of our Online Proposal. For some of the services offered, however, personal data about you are registered. As a basic rule, these data are processed by us for the purpose of use of this Online Proposal, in particular for the availability of the desired information, exclusively. When personal data are registered, indication of imperatively required data is compulsory exclusively. Apart from this, further information may be given, which is information then given on a voluntary basis. In any case, we would mention whether any such information is compulsory or voluntary. As to the concrete details, we give further information to you in the corresponding section of this Data Privacy Statement. No automatized decision-making on the basis of your personal data takes place in conjunction with the use of our Online Proposal.

Processing of Personal Data

Your information will be stored by us on specifically protected servers within the European Union. These are protected by suitable technical and organisational measures, against loss, destruction, access, modification or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. Only a very limited number of authorized individuals have the possibility to access your data. These individuals are responsible for the technical, commercial or editorial assistance of the server.
Transmission of Personal Data to Third Parties
As a basic rule, we use your personal data for furnishing of the services you desire, exclusively. To the extent as external service providers are used by us within the scope of furnishing of services, their access to the data is realized for the purpose of furnishing the service exclusively.
By taking suitable technical and organisational measures, we ensure compliance with the requirements of the data protection law and also commit our external service providers to do the same.
Moreover, we do not transmit the data to any third parties without your explicit consent, and in particular, we refrain from doing so for promotional purposes. Any transmission of your personal data will be realized only if you have given your previous consent to do so personally or if we are entitled or committed to do so due to applicable legal provisions and / or official or judicial court orders.

Legal Bases of Data Processing

If we seek an approval for processing of your personal data, article 6, par. 1, lit. A) of the GDPR will serve as a legal basis for data processing.
To the extent as we process your personal data, for this is necessary for the performance of an agreement or a contract or within the bounds of a contract-like relationship, article 6, section 1, lit. b) of the GDPR will serve as a legal basis for data processing.
To the extent as we process your personal data for the performance of a legal obligation, article 6, par. 1, lit. c) of the GDPR will serve as a legal basis for data processing.
Another legal basis for data processing to be considered is article 6, section 1, lit. f) of the GDPR, if processing of your personal data is required for safeguarding of a justified interest of our company or a third party, while your interests, fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms do not call for the protection of your personal data.
Within the framework of this Data Privacy Statement, we always point to the legal basis on which we found the processing of your personal data.

Deletion of Data and Storage Period

As a general rule, we delete or block your personal data always when the purpose of data storage ceases to apply. Moreover, storage of the data may take place when this is required due to legal requirements which we are subject to, i.e. in view of legal safekeeping and documentation obligations. In such a case, we will block your personal data once the applicable regulations have ceased to apply.
Use of Our Online Proposal

Information on Your Computer

Upon every access to our Online Proposal, we collect the following information about your computer regardless of your registration: the IP address of your Computer, the enquiry of your browser and the time when this enquiry is made. Moreover, the status and the quantity of data transferred are registered within the bounds of this enquiry. We also register product and version information about the browser used and the operating system of the computer. Furthermore, we register from which website access to the Online Proposal has been made. At this moment, the IP address of your computer is stored only for the time of use of the Online Proposal and then deleted or anonymized by reduction. The other data are stored for a limited period.
We use these data for operation of the Online Proposal, especially in order to determine the use of capacity of the Online Proposal and in order to make adjustments or improvements. These purposes coincide with a justified interest in processing data according to Article 6, section1, lit. f) of the GDPR, which is the legal basis of this method of processing.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used for our Online Proposal – as is done on many Websites. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer and which store certain adjustments and data in view of an exchange with the Online Proposal via your browser. As a rule, a cookie contains the name of the domain from which the cookie file has been sent, as well as information about the age of the cookies and an alphanumerical identification sign.
Cookies allow us recognizing your computer and making any pre-adjustments available with immediate effect. Cookies help us improving the Online Proposal and making an improved service available to you, even more specifically geared to your particular needs. This also implies our justified interest in data processing according to article 6, section 1, lit. f of the GDPR.
The cookies we use are so-called session cookies, which will be deleted automatically again, once the browser session has been finished. In some particular cases, cookies with a longer storage period may be used, which allow including your pre-adjustments and preferences also during the next visit of our Online proposal.
Most of the browsers are adjusted in a way that they accept cookies automatically. You may, however, deactivate the storage of cookies or adjust the storage of cookies in a way that the browser will notify you as soon as cookies have been sent. Moreover, it is possible to manually delete any cookies already stored via the adjustments of your browser. Please note that you may use our Online Proposal only to a limited extent or not at all under certain circumstances, if you deny the storage of cookies or delete any required cookies.

Technically Required Cookies

Some cookies are technically required to enable you to use our Online Proposal. These Cookies allow us to register and store the following data:
-    Language settings
-    Search settings
-    Contents of an Online form
Cookies allow us recognizing your computer and making any pre-adjustments available immediately. Cookies help us improving the Online Proposal and making an improved and more user-friendly service available to you. Some of the functions can be made available to you only by the use of cookies. This also explains our justified interest in safeguarding the legal basis for the processing of data by means of cookies according to article 6, section1 lit f) of the GDPR.

Communication with Us

You may enter into contact with us by various means, by E-Mail, for instance. If you contact us by
E-mail, we will register the related personal data which you have sent us by E-mail, in particular the name and the E-mail address. We process these data for the sole purpose of answeringr your enquiry or your request.
You may take your own decision about the information you send us. The legal basis for processing of your data is your consent according to article 6, section 1, lit. a) of the GDPR.
Once the matter has been accomplished by us, the data will in the first instance be stored by us in view of any queries that might come up. Deletion of the data may be requested at all times, otherwise the deletion will be made after complete finishing of the matter, legal duties of safekeeping will not be affected thereby.

Your Rights and Contact

We attach much importance to giving you as transparent explanation as possible about the processing of your personal data and to informing you about your rights. If you wish to receive more detailed information or wish to exercise your rights, you can contact us at any time, and we will take care and pursue your concern.

Rights of Persons Concerned

As to the processing of your personal data, you have extensive rights. First of all, you have an extensive right of information and you may, if need be, demand the correction and / or deletion or blocking of your personal data. You may also demand a restriction of the processing of this data and you have a right of opposition. With regard to the personal data you have submitted to us, you also have a right to claim the transferability of the data.
If you claim any of your rights and / or wish to receive more detailed information about this, please contact us through any of the contact possibilities mentioned in the imprint.

Revocation of the Consent and Opposition

A consent that has once been given by you can be revoked freely at any time to become effective for the future. The lawfulness of the processing of data that has been accomplished until any such revocation on the basis of the consent will not be affected by the revocation of the consent.
If processing of your personal data is not based on consent, but is made on the basis of a different legal basis, you may object to this data processing. Your opposition will lead to a verification and, if applicable, a termination of the data processing. You will be informed about the result of the verification and will receive – if the data processing is to be pursued despite all this – more detailed information about the reason why the data processing is admissible.


If you consider that the processing of your personal data is not in conformity with this Data Privacy Statement or the applicable data protection regulations, you can file a complaint with us. We will proceed and study the matter and will finally inform you about the result of our investigations. Moreover, you also have a right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Further Information and Amendments

Links to Other Websites

Our Online Proposal may contain links to other Websites. As a rule, these links are marked and identified as such. We have no influence on the issue to what extent the specific applicable data privacy statements are complied with on the linked websites. Therefore, we recommend that you also seek information about the specifically applicable data privacy statements on any such other websites.

Amendments to this Data Privacy Statement

The current status of this data Privacy Statement is marked and identified by the indication of the date (below). We reserve the right to amend this Data Privacy Statement at any time to become effective for the future. An amendment will be made especially in case of technical adjustments of the Online Proposal or in case of changes of data protection regulations. The currently applicable version of the Data Privacy Statement is always directly retrievable via the Online Proposal. We recommend you to seek information about any amendments to this Data Privacy Statement on a regular basis.

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